About Us

Mico University College Alumni Association (New York Chapter), popularly known as Mico Old Students Association (MOSA), is affiliated with the Mico University College (the MICO) which was established in 1835 through the Lady Mico Charity. Mico is one of the oldest teacher training institutions in the Western Hemisphere and the English speaking world. The Mico was founded as a non-denominational Christian, coeducational tertiary institution to promote the advancement of academic and professional development of students.

​Miconians the world over are very proud of their Alma mater. They seek to foster relations with other Miconians whenever possible and wherever they reside. Reaching out and promoting communication among graduates of the Mico are among the primary goals of the Mico University College Alumni Association (New York Chapter), and it is hoped that this website will help to accomplish this effort.

​The parent chapter, Mico Old Students Association (MOSA) Jamaica, now called Mico University College Alumni Association, was founded in 1922 with the goal of aligning with the Mico and Miconians to support the continued growth of the institution. Part of the objective of the parent body is “to foster the interest of all students in the University College and promote a feeling of unity among past and present students”.


Our vision is that the Association will maintain its effectiveness in providing enrichment to the intellectual, social, and cultural well-being of teachers and students within the communities.  This will be accomplished through organization introspection, remediation, and advancement


  1. To improve the educational standards of our youth both in our local communities as well as in Jamaica, working through our Alma mater, the Mico University College.
  2. To provide support for the programs and activities of the Mico University College to ensure the continued tradition of delivery of the highest quality teacher education.
  3. To promote and provide an inclusive atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and encourage contribution to community service.


  1. Implement sustainable educational workshops that can be replicated throughout the communities in Jamaica
  2. Provide financial assistance to the Mico University College and its programs
  3. Develop action plan for additional fundraising events for 2018-2021
  4. Implement mentoring programs for immigrant and visiting educators
  5. Develop strategy to expand membership by at least 5 percent within the next 2 years


With the Mission, Vision and Objectives stated above, in addition to some short-term goals, the new administration was fully aware of the magnitude of the task ahead.  A plan was developed to have an Executive Retreat to quickly prioritize the projects amid mounting needs and limited resources.  Members of the Board spent a half day of uninterrupted brainstorming to plan the strategies for the year.  Emphasis was given to:

  1. Membership rejuvenation/team building
  2. Sponsors reengagement
  3. Membership wellness and organization health
  4. Public Relations and Enhancing the Association’s visibility

The consensus was that for the organization to grow, and to support The Mico, there were areas that needed improvement immediately.  Notwithstanding, the business of the organization had to be run in parallel.



  • President : Dr. Gloria Thompson
  • Vice President : Dr. Eric Blake
  • Treasurer : Clifford Thompson
  • Assistant Treasurer : Devon Galbraith
  • Recording Secretary : Esther Munoz
  • Corresponding Secretary : Darien Mason


  • Fundraising : Joan McCatty
  • Rules : Mervis Johnson
  • Public Relations : Derrick Warmington & Mervis Johnson
  • Education : Eric Blake & Claudia Williams
  • Hospitality & Membership : Maureen Allen
  • Audit : Carl Richard
  • Project Management : Milton Hanchard