Supporting The Mico University College

The Mico University College (formerly The Mico Teachers’ College),
located in Kingston Jamaica, was founded in 1836 and is the oldest teacher
training institution in the Western Hemisphere. 
With its heritage of welcoming students representing a cross section of
the society through its gates, it provides an arena of educational
opportunities, transformative in nature, and prepares them to be adaptive to
the changing needs of society.  After an
education at The Mico, the caliber of these professionals is highly developed,
and they are now ‘fit for purpose’ to impact lives throughout the world.

The Institution itself has been evolving – programmatically; through
infrastructure improvements; and by re-engineering the usage of some classrooms
to transform them into state-of-the-art learning centers.  However, most of the buildings are still very
old and need to be maintained so that it can continue to provide an environment
conducive to teaching and learning.

A new entrance was recently built with support from the business
community, alumni, and other sponsors. 
This was a start to bring back a level of prestige to The Mico which
also houses the Buxton building which is part of the historic landmarks in
Jamaica; and the CARE center for diagnostic and therapeutic services, the only
one of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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