The Mico Foundation Current Projects

Well Project

In 2017 the Mico Foundation begun the process of sinking a well with three major objectives:

  1. To extracting and producing potable water for domestic use within the
  2. To produce a source of water for the greening of the major lawns and playing fields within the

3,3. To reduce the excessive cost of water from the national water supply.

In August 2018 The Mico Foundation received a license from the National Water Authority (NWA) to extract 100,700 gallons per day.

This project was divided into 3 phases. Phases 1 & 2 have been completed. Phase 3 needs Ja$30M to have the final components installed and get the ‘well’ ready to serve the University College.

Phases Project Cost Status
One Drilling of the well – 240 feet deep Installation of submergible pump Completed Completed Completed
Two i. Installation of campus wide irrigation system
ii. Construction of a 240 Metres storm water drain to reduce erosion of the surface on the playing fields and to protect the submerged irrigation lines and sprinklers.
Completed Completed Completed Completed
Three 1. To purchase and install 100,000-gallon bolted steel raw water tank
2. To install 30,000-gallon potable water tank
3. To purchase and install Reverse Osmosis System
4. To network purified water into existing water main
USD$87,614.00 JA$ 120,000.00
USD$115,000.00 JA$ 80,000.00
All aspects of this phase are yet to be done.
to complete project
Fencing of the Property along the Marescaux Road Corridor

The new gate was completed and handed over to the University College in February 2019. This gate has now become a distinctive showpiece along Marescaux Road. Unfortunately, the adjoining fence does not complement the elegance of the gate, neither does it provide the visual aesthetic quality that befits the frontal image of the Mico University College

The Mico Foundation is now seeking to construct 370 feet of concrete and metal bar fencing from the corner of Manhattan Road to the borders of Wolmer’s Boys’ School.

The Fence will be constructed of concrete and metal interspersed with 16-inch square columns. Estimated Cost JA$30 Million Dollars.

Restoration of the Georgian Buildings

There are plans to restore the Georgian Buildings incrementally over the next two years. Approximately JA$22Million was estimated for reroofing, structural repairs, and painting of all three buildings. The process started at Kelvin Lodge with internal repairs and retrofitting of internal spaces. The Board Room, Chancellor’s, and Pro-Chancellor Offices will be housed on Kelvin Lodge ground floor. The Office of Alumni (MOSA) will be housed on the first floor.

Cleaning of the brick walls and painting internal and external walls. The estimated cost for this internal work is JA$460,000.00. The estimate for reroofing was JA$4.2million. It is the intention of the Mico Foundation to use Decra shake roofing tiles to replace the wooden shingles. We have sought approval from the National Heritage Trust to use the Decra shake wooden look-a-like shingles for this job.

The Buxton building project is slated for the latter part of 2021 as funding is identified.

“Contributors to the Well Project”.  This will be updated frequently.

Claudette McFarquhar
Carl Richards
Dorothy Scott-Genias
Ruth Simpson
Peggy Purchase
Karl Haye
Joan McCatty
Dionne S. Coke
Wilbert Davis
Ruth Simpson
Zena Morgan
Leroy Sheriffe
Yvonne D. Lennon
Lorna Fairweather
Robert Thompson
Lenworth Daley
Lorendo Johnson
Yvonne Brown
Melva Kennedy
Derrick Warmington
Gloria Taylor
Cynthia Stewart
Merlene Wilson
Samuel Palmer
Claudette Morris
Mervis Johnson
Norman Carter